You are public vibrancy!

I was discussing public space vibrancy with my fiance the other day, when it hit us.  We all have a simple way to create vibrancy.

If each and every one of use were all to get out of the house instead of staying in and watching TV, our public spaces would dramatically different.  We become vibrancy!

It doesn’t take much, you just have to walk to your local coffee shop and order a $2 coffee tea, biscuit, or cookie!  You could sit in the window seat and people watch.  You just have to smile at someone you pass by.  You just need to take a 10, 15, or 30 minute walk around your neighbourhood.  All of the sudden you have done a better job than the grand schemes of urban designer or planner could wish to do.  You have become an active participant in your surroundings, and collectively with other public participants constantly define and redefine the meaning, purpose and uses of your urban spaces.

So please take 30 minutes of your day, explore new spaces and perspectives of your city on a leisurely amble through your neighbourhood, buy that $5 ice cream, drink, or coffee.  Become vibrancy itself.


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