Commuting to Downtown Edmonton is Up

Good news for my hometown Edmonton, the number of commuting trips downtown are up.  As usual the newspaper article is a little uncertain where they are getting the numbers from, but it appears to be a city of Edmonton transportation survey.  The total trips downtown are up by 24% from 2009.  And the total percentage of trips by LRT or bus are up by 3%.  This means that not only is the revitalization of Edmonton’s downtown starting to pay off, but the investments in transit are also paying off as well.  This makes it easier to support new LRT and transit funding especially with the opening of the North LRT line to Nait in 2014 and the SE LRT line from Millwoods in 2019.  This is great news for a beautiful downtown that has seen its fair share of bad news in the 1980’s.  


About 49,600 commuters stayed in Edmonton’s core during a typical weekday last September, up 24 per cent from a similar study done in 2009, according to the central business district cordon count released last month.

Just over half this group made the trip in private vehicles, down from slightly less than two-thirds three years ago, while the number travelling by bus or LRT rose to 42 per cent from 39 per cent.


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