Mid-Block Pedestrian Corridors

Vancouver has exceptionally large blocks compared to what I am used to back home.  Jane Jacobs stated that long blocks can lead to the stagnation of blocks.  Since the blocks are longer, this funnels pedestrians down fewer and fewer routes since it is not convenient to try different routes.  This can lead to a lack of dispersed mixed use throughout the neighbourhood.


One thing you will notice in the Davie village are these great mid-block pedestrian corridors that break up the impenetrable wall of buildings.  Although the blocks are long on Davie Street, these corridors provide people with various routes to access the neighbourhood and Davie Street.  These mid-block corridors are also great because they only allow the neighbourhood permeability for pedestrians, maintaining the compactness of the area and the intimacy of the streetscape.


Between Thurlow and Bute Streets


Between Bute and Jervis Streets

ImageBetween Jervis and Bute Streets


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