Monthly Archives: May 2013

Movable Furniture and Public Vitality

I was visiting in Edmonton this past weekend and I made a visit to Churchill square.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this:



Movable chairs are great, they give people a sense of ownership of their public space.  Have you ever noticed that when someone sits in a chair they will always move it, even it is slightly by an inch.  People want to sit down just right.  

When you really examined the chairs in Churchill square you could tell that someone had used them.  Some seats were pulled together in a semicircle to suggest a group of people sat there.  Visitors were able to impart their impression on the public landscape.

Memorial Park in Calgary provides another great example of movable chairs done right.

North American cities are so preoccupied with installing immobile and unimaginative benches.  Why is there such a worry about seating being stolen?  We need to take a risk and provide more movable seating in our public spaces.  Give people more control over their public experience and help generate vitality.