Great space, not so great Anchors – Main and 18th






The design for this new development at Main and 18th ave is great.  Great attention was paid to many of the smaller details to make this space work.  

  • The red “bendy straws” give a sense of playfulness.
  • The sidewalk has curves making it more interesting, most sidewalks tend to stick to boring right angles.
  • Movable chairs have been provided for people to sit and make the space their own and just right.  
  • Benches and slight curbs enclose the space while providing a barrier from the traffic lanes.  
  • The plaza is oriented to the sun for most of the day.  The plaza will also provide great programming space
  • Mature trees have been maintained.
  • Even the building is great, it is low and does not overwhelm you, it has ground floor retail with residential above with plenty of doors and windows facing the street.  It also has colours, and it is very interesting to walk along without being too much.

I suspect this space will be quite successful, especially on sunny days, as it provides people with many different ways to use and occupy the space.  Despite all of this, they still leased the ground floor retail to a bank and a Shoppers grocery store.  This space should have been anchored by a restaurant with a patio or some sort of business that invites people to stay or linger in the space.  That is not to say that it cannot be fixed or improved.  The property owner could allow some street vendors to set up shop, this will only serve to attract more people to stay and make the space more attractive and ultimately boost the building property values.  The seating is already there waiting for people to stay a while.  





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